Who are Keibra and

Why should I use you for my apprenticeship?

Here at Keibra, we pride ourselves on offering a unique approach to finding the very best apprentices for our roles such as IT Support, Network Engineer, Cyber Security Technician, Software Developer and Application Support Lead. We then take these candidates and turn them into business-ready experts. Keibra’s mission is to continually improve and increase customer value. We have dedicated time and effort to develop our specialist apprenticeship programmes – so whether you are looking to develop your career or seeking to advance your team, we can make that happen.   


All our programmes are delivered face-to-face by our Subject Matter Experts at your workplace, meaning you get all the benefits of ‘hands-on’, practical, real-life scenario-based training without the additional travel costs or wasted time travelling to regional training centres.  


We operate with small class sizes allowing us to dedicate more time to every individual and we include personalised 1-2-1 training sessions in all our apprenticeship programmes to truly emphasis our passion for curriculum co-design and fully individual learning plans.  


(eXperience Level Agreement)

Keibra’s mission is to continually improve and increase customer value.  

Our innovative approach to Apprenticeships changes the question to, ‘What is each person experiencing when they use our apprenticeships, how is it working from their perspective?’ 

In addition to this way of thinking, this consideration enables effective management and response to improve the overall experience. Although a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is critical for all training providers, it is an agreement centred around the ‘training provider’. Many training providers stop at their contractual service obligation and consideration for the human element is diminished or non-existent.  

A customer eXperience Level Agreement (XLA) is centred around the customer, although both approaches are required to deliver a full service. No single side of the equation dominates the other, merely simultaneously delivered in a managed way. This fundamental change in thinking places our customer before the ‘status’ of the apprenticeship; with the more important question, “What is their experience of the apprenticeship?”. This novel approach eradicates barriers and enhances productivity, exemplifying a mature and modern training delivery and ensuring that Keibra are taking every step to better serve our customers. 

Understanding the requirements of customers from a technical, service, and strategic perspective is critical to a successful and valuable offering. 

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