What are your next steps

After Completing an Apprenticeship?

There are many options available once you have completed an apprenticeship. Whether you choose to stay on in employment, take your studies further, or seek different employment, your skills and experience are sure to be in high demand. 

At Keibra, the majority of our learners remain in employment after completing their programme – including many who progress onto the next level of apprenticeship training. 

An apprenticeship can open many doors and create new opportunities once completed. Here, we’ll explore the next steps in your career journey. 

Turn your apprenticeship into a permanent position

Many apprentices are taken on as full-time, permanent members of staff after they have completed their apprenticeship. This is because, as part of the apprenticeship, you will learn specific duties linking to a specific job role in the business. 

Apprenticeships are a great way for employers to train staff at entry level roles and bring new talent into the company. 

Many apprentices stay on with the company and work their way up to higher positions. For example, starting a Level 3 Information Communications Technician apprenticeship could one day lead to becoming IT Manager. 

Progress onto a higher-level apprenticeship

Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you may have the opportunity to progress onto a higher-level apprenticeship. This will give you the chance to advance your skills and gain another qualification in your chosen area of study. Higher level apprenticeships allow you to expand your existing abilities. This will also make you more valuable to your employer by bringing more skills and knowledge to the business. 

At Keibra, we offer the following Level 4 programmes for you to deepen your knowledge: 

Moving to a different company

While many Keibra apprentices remain with the company who trained them for several years, you may decide to move onto a different role or company after achieving your qualification. 

Apprenticeships give you valuable experience in a working environment. You will have at least 12 months experience in a professional workplace and an industry recognised qualification. As well as technical competency and knowledge, you will have also developed transferrable skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem solving all of which will contribute to your employability. 

When looking for further employment you can visit job boards such as Total Jobs, Jobsite and Indeed. When searching for IT and tech roles, you could also look at industry specific job boards and specialist recruitment companies. 

Understanding the requirements of customers from a technical, service, and strategic perspective is critical to a successful and valuable offering. 

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