How are apprenticeships assessed?

Apprenticeships involve continuously learning with progress assessed throughout. An End-Point Assessment (EPA) will be taken at the end of the apprenticeship to allow you to showcase what you have learned. Each EPA is carried out with an independent assessor, in which your occupational competence is assessed using a mixture of Professional Discussions, Knowledge Tests and Questioning to award you a Pass, Merit or Distinction grade. 

At Keibra, our Subject Matter Experts use the same assessment methods throughout to ensure continuity and to help build your confidence with the process throughout your apprenticeship. We have designed our own Start Point Assessments (SPA) to mirror the End-Point Assessment (EPA) process to help us gain a better insight into your knowledge, your ability and more importantly you as a person so we can personalise your training plan and ensure a successful apprenticeship.  

Competence: “The ability TO DO something well” 

This is why all our programmes are delivered face-to-face by our SMEs at your workplace, meaning you get all the benefits of ‘hands-on’, practical, real-life scenario-based training to ensure you don’t just learn the theoretical knowledge, skills, and behaviours; you learn how to put them into practice.  

All accredited apprenticeship vacancies can be found on:

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You can also use this website to browse what types of apprenticeships are available across different sectors. 

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