Benefits of Becoming an Apprentice

Becoming an apprentice comes with lots of benefits which is the reason the industry is continuously growing. You are given the opportunity to continue your educational path while also being in the professional environment and gaining valuable experience in the workplace. Not only that, but you can earn whilst you learn amongst industry professionals. 

We do our best at Keibra to make the apprenticeship application process as easy as possible. It’s as easy as sending in your CV and then we’ll get in touch with you! 

Apprenticeships benefit everyone involved. As an apprentice, you will start your journey in becoming a business-ready expert in the technical area that suits you best. 

Apprenticeship Benefits

Gain valuable experience

Perhaps the most important benefit of becoming an apprentice is the prospect of being around skilled peers who can guide you into a successful career. 

Earn while you learn

What often makes apprenticeships so popular, is being able to earn a fair wage while you are learning valuable skills to benefit your future. 

Personalised support

Throughout your apprenticeship, you will receive personalised 1-2-1 support from your very own Subject Matter Expert who will help guide you to success. 

No learning costs

Unlike other options for school leavers, such as university, apprenticeships offer you nationally recognised qualifications, with no added costs! This means you can take the leap into the next step of your career with no hidden fees. 

Compare the Benefits

Keibra-orange-dots-1.png Apprenticeship Keibra-orange-dots-1.png University
Obtain industry-recognised qualifications Obtain industry-recognised qualifications
Lasts 1-5 years Lasts 3-4 years
On-the-job training Academic study
Thousands of job roles available Thousands of courses available
Opportunity to develop practical skills Limited opportunities to develop practical skills
No tuition fees Tuition fees cost up to £9,250 per year
Paid salary with employee benefits Entitled to student loans
High earning potential High earning potential

All accredited apprenticeship vacancies can be found on:

By creating an account, you can sign up to be alerted of opportunities in your area of interest and desired location.  

You can also use this website to browse what types of apprenticeships are available across different sectors. 

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